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Level 1 Associate: $11-$12.75 hr

The Level 1 Associate, having completed the two-week training period, will begin to master all aspects of window and gutter cleaning of residential homes.  Such aspects include cleaning glass panes, removing and installing screens, cleaning screens and screen tracks, & wiping down interior window sills.  The Level 1 Associate will learn to work safely and comfortably on 3-step stools involving single story homes and full length ladders involving 2nd story homes.  The Level 1 Associate will learn the basics of gutter cleaning also requiring the comfortable use of full length ladders.  Employees will continue as a Level 1 Associate starting out under direct supervision through being able to work semi independently with intermittent supervision.  The Level 1 Associate will progress towards the goal of working completely independent of supervision at which point they will progress to a Level 2 Associate.

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